Monday, July 27, 2009

We're Back....

Sorry about the long wait between posts...we have been without computers for about 4 or 5 days. I couldn't upload pics, go to the internet, or even turn them on. But my handsome and smart husband saved the day and fixed both of them for us!! Thanks honey:) Now here are some random pics of what we have been doing lately.....not too much:)
I finally finished the dining room curtains!! Whew that took a few months (Kate finally made me come over so she could pretty much finish them for me!)....Now to pick some trim for them and paint for the walls...bye, bye gray:)
Kyndall's Photography: Mommy Sewing (please ignore the trash sack)

Kyndall's photography: Daddy
Hi Avery! is Kyndall the clown...with tap shoes and a red blinking nose!! My friend Kate made the clown costume and gave it to Kyndall for dress up:)

I made a snake for Kyndall out of some green scrap fabric, buttons she picked out for the eyes, and a felt tongue. I stuffed it with flax seed which is supposed to be great for microwaving it to use for aches, or sticking it in the freezer for "boo-boos". Anyway, it is the UGLIEST thing ever, but Kyndall has a blast "scaring" Daddy with it. All of a sudden, Avery picked the thing up and started chasing them saying "sssss, sssss" it was so funny!! And yes, that is Kyndall streaking along too:)

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