Sunday, April 26, 2009

Aquarium anyone?

This Saturday morning we decided to take the girls to see The Dallas World Aquarium. It was AMAZING. We called Grandpa up and had him meet us out there. I pictured the aquarium to just be a big building full of tanks of different kinds of fish (which they did have) but it was much, much more. There was a 3 story Rainforest environment to walk through. You start on the 3rd floor and slowly walk down seeing a huge waterfall, birds of all kinds flying around(one was particularly fond of Jim's head), and little monkeys scurrying around the trees and rocks. Then as you came to the bottom, they had an Otter area of water and an area in the water (away from the otter) that had Crockadiles (we got to see them being fed). Then as you moved on you could see the typical wall tank of sea turtles and manatees and of course the shark tunnel (what would an aquarium be without those things right?). As we moved on through we got to see fish in different tanks labeled with different parts of the world (Japan,Indonesia,etc), then all of a sudden you go down a ways and there is a HUGE area glassed off holding a Jaguar...Kyndall LOVED it! As we headed out we got to see a baby penguin sweet! We had a great day, and even got to eat at the Spaghetti yummy:) Enjoy the pics from our fun weekend adventure!
Rainforest environment with the waterfall behind us...Avery couldn't take her eyes off of it!!
Amazing Jaguar exhibit...only one Jaguar but he/she sure knew how to work a crowd. And the area where she lived was like a "royal" set up. She would stretch and gracefully leap from podium to other area and let everyone see her, then clean herself and yawn really was quite a show...Kyndall loved her! But she was disappointed that baby jaguar wasn't there with her!

Grandpa was a trooper with the girls...They both loved looking at everything with him!

Avery couldn't get over the was pretty cool!

Sea Turtles and a HUGE manatee...the manatee flapped his fin and Jim told Kyndall he was waving and Kyndall started waving at him...too cute

Cool pic huh!

How sweet is this? They were talking about those sharks!

Avery was looking at the Crockadiles

Kyndall LOVING her new baby jaguar

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