Friday, March 27, 2009

Our little Artist

I ran to Hobby Lobby today to shop around a little and walked by the kiddie craft area. Kyndall saw the paints and just kept saying, "Mommy I want that for my birthday". It was so cute. I have been putting off actual paints for awhile...I just didn't think she was ready, but I decided to get her a Diego paint book that included paints. She had such a blast. She only painted on her pictures and she really did a great job (I was afraid she might try to paint the table, walls, etc like she has attempted to do with her crayons)! There is something about crayons that is too much for her...she just can't seem to stop herself from "decorating our walls" even though she says all the time"I only color on paper". So that is why I was a little worried about the paints...but she was so good! Here are some pics of our little artist!
I couldn't even get her to look up and smile...she just kept painting and saying"cheese"!!
This was Kyndall getting her brush ready for a new color....She LOVED painting...

I couldn't resist taking a pic of Avery snacking and watching her sister...I came over and said, "Hi Avery and she looked up, saw the camera and smiled! She is a natural model:)

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