Thursday, March 5, 2009

Little Sneak

Tonight was "Mom's night out" in my Mothers of Preschoolers(mops) group. It was a relaxing get together where we made mosaic decorated art. I made an could make crosses, decorate different shapes, mirrors, etc. So Jim came home from work ready to take care of our sweet little girls. Well I am making some draperies for our dining room. I had picked out just the right fabric and was working on them today when I had a few minutes here and there. I had left them on the dining room table along with my scissors. Here is where my story gets interesting. Jim took the trash out to the garage and came back in to Kyndall putting tape on my drapery fabric. He walked over to see a jaggedy cut right smack in the middle of one of the panels I was working on. Not to fear, according to Kyndall tape fixes everything! Little sneak ran and found the tape (after the temptation of cutting my fabric took over her) and she realized that she might be in trouble. So Jim proceeds to call me as I am about to sit down to a nice little art project and let me know what happened....after he lets me go Kyndall looks at him and says, "What did Mommy say?" Now how can you get upset at that? Funny little 2 year old:) Don't worry, she didn't get into too much trouble...Jim just asked her if she knew what she did was wrong and she said, "uh huh" and he told her that she shouldn't cut Mommy's fabric anymore. And I have learned to put away my scissors (in a good hiding space) and thank God all she tried to cut was my fabric and not hair or clothing or herself:) Enjoy the funny pic of her "taped up fabric"!!
This is my beautiful fabric that I was making draperies out of for our dining room. Before the cutting incident:
This is what I came home to find....pretty resourceful huh?


Jenny said...

Too funny! Oh, that fabric is gorgeous. Is the cut in a noticeable spot? I hope not!!!

Kellys said...

I think it might be in just the right place and just long enough to have to buy more fabric....I am going to have my friend who does this for a living come and let me know if I can save it or not!