Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll

This Thanksgiving was alot smaller for us than usual...we got together for the annual Kelly Thanksgiving meal. It is such a nice time together ...and this year was no different. We ate a lot, talked a lot, the girls played with their uncles, Daddy and Grampa a lot, and it just reminds us how thankful we should be that we have such a fun and loving family to spend time with. We hope you enjoy the few pics we took:
Avery saying, "Happy Turkey Day everyone!"

Uncle Paul playing bean bag tic-tac-toe with Kyndall....

Avery has to do EVERYTHING her big sister does...luckily she has a sweet big sister who will play with her and has lots of patience (as much patience as a 2 year old can have:)

Uncle Bill smoked and carved the turkey for us

Avery eating with her new Turkey bib on that I made her

Bill, Paul, Jim & Avery, Kristi & Kyndall

Bill, Paul, Jim & Avery, Bill Sr. & Kyndall

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