Sunday, November 16, 2008

9 month old beauty

Avery is.....20lbs, and 28 inches high! She is so very sweet and loving, very curious (especially in what her sister is doing), a super fast crawler, pulling up and cruising now, taking lids off of toys and putting them back on (over and over and over), playing peek-a-boo with clothes, blankets, lovies, bibs, pillows etc.., getting her top 2 teeth in, picking things up with her first finger and thumb in a pinching position, touching everything with her pointer firnger(like her sister used to do), and laughing all the time! It is so much fun having a sweet baby to watch all day long. She is amazing. She and Kyndall still adore each other (and sometimes get irritated at each other). I am so blessed to have 2 sweet healthy amazing little girls to love on all day long:) Here is a cute pic of Avery wearing a new outfit my friend Jackie sent her...too cute!!

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