Friday, November 21, 2008

The girls

Before the weather got too chilly, I took Kyndall outside to play with a Dora kite I got her was a very windy day. She wouldn't let me help her these are some funny pics I got of her trying "herself" to get it up....I have to admit she got pretty close...maybe next time she will let me help her get it up in the air:) I also put up a pic of Avery and Kyndall playing in Kyndall's room...I left them in there to go get the camera and when I came back Kyndall had a paci in her mouth (which she is only allowed to have at night) Can you tell how busted she is by the look on her face???

Kyndall was trying so hard to fly her kite : "I do it myself Mommy"

The Kite fell...but Kyndall didn't care:)

Busted! Avery pulling up and Kyndall sneaking a paci when playing with her sister:)

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