Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hot Tot Designs website is up!!

We are so excited because http://www.hottotdesigns.com/ is up and running! My girls are in some of the pics that are on the site, or will be on the site soon:) Here are the pics you may soon see on the website. We haven't officially gotten the knotted hats section ready yet...so you won't see Kyndall for a couple more weeks, but check out Avery on the site already!! Oh, and the ordering section is still under construction so email us at info@hottotdesigns.com for any orders you may want!
So Stylish
So Sassy So Sweet


melissa. said...

I LOVE the so stylish picture... Kyndall looks so great! :)

melissa. said...

Oh and PS -
YEA!!!!! SOOOO Happy that Hot Tots is up and running.

May the Lord - who is quick to bless those who work for His glory - bless your business.

Soooo happy for your new adventure! :)