Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bible Study and Babysitters...

Many moms get to show off "first day of school pics" this time of year on their blogs. Fortunately my little ones are too young for that yet...but don't think I didn't jump on the chance to show off Avery and Kyndall this morning before their "first day" experiences.

First, I have been a part of a group biblestudy called BSF (bible study fellowship) for a little over a year now. It is WONDERFUL. I have never learned so much about the bible, and I get to enjoy learning with other ladies that live in my area. The very best part about this study is that when your children are 2 years old they get to come with you (and actually learn what I am learning, this year is Moses). So as you all know, Kyndall hit that milestone this summer and today was her FIRST day of BSF with Mommy!! She has had a little trouble adjusting to Sunday School in church, so I prayed HARD that this would be fun for her and few tears. She did amazing...I have been talking about it for a couple of days now, and she just walked right into the classroom and was great until I said bye. She cried a couple of tears but it was less than a minute, and when I picked her up the teacher said she did exciting! She has already said she wants to go back and see her "guys" (which are the little friends she made in class).
Finally, Avery had her first day at Mrs. Karen's house. She is a good friend who watched Kyndall for me last year when I went to BSF, and since Avery isn't old enough to go with me, she now has her. She is so great with kids, and Avery didn't cry at all when I left her, and was all smiles when I picked her up...again lots of prayers for her to be happy too.
So I snapped a few photos of the girls this morning before we went on our day of "firsts". Hope you all enjoy the pics and video:)

My sweet 7 month old

Avery is about to start crawling!

Kyndall and her good friend Eric at BSF...ready to learn about Moses

Kyndall at the door ready to go to BSF!!
Here is a video I took of Kyndall right before we left for biblestudy...

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