Friday, September 12, 2008

Avery's Playdate

Some of you may have heard the story of the unregistered home daycare that was shut down in Plano. The lady who ran it had at least 8 babies 2 and under...whew. Anyway, unfortunately a 2 month old staying there died of natural causes(their ruling as of now) click here to see the news story about it. So it was shut down and I think she might be in trouble. Well my good friend had her 5 month old son there and is having to scramble to find a good place to take him now. So I had him come over and spend the day with us today. Avery and Kyndall just loved having him over. Avery and Blayse(my friend's little boy) just kept staring at each other and smiling really big. They had so much fun playing together. And everytime he would start to get upset Kyndall would go over to him and say, "I know, Blayse, it's okay...hi, hi hi" and he would stop crying and just look at her. It was so funny to see her instinctively go over to soothe him...guess she is used to having a baby around....
Admiring each other
Here is a good shot of Avery clapping...she is so good at it now...and poor Blayse got caught red-handed with Kyndall's baby doll!!

Kyndall really liked having Blayse over too....she shared her hat with him:)...poor little guy

Okay, this wasn't during the playdate...but how cute is she???

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