Sunday, June 29, 2008

What a day!

This morning, Jim got up with the girls, and when I got up this is what I saw: Isn't he the best dad!! Thanks for letting me sleep in!!!
Bunco was at the Kelly household this month. It is so much fun! There is a great group of girls that meet up once a month or so and we laugh, eat, and play bunco....for a little money:) Here are some pics from ladies' night bunco!! Of course later on Kyndall had to come down and see everyone. She is becoming such a ham lately. She came downstairs, said hi to everyone, then said, "watch me" as she jumped off the lowest step of the stairs. Then she told them how she was jumping high. Then she told them all that Avery jumps high (in her jumparoo). Then we all took a fun group picture and included Kyndall and Avery.

Christi, Cayla, Gissa

Audry and Karen

Allison and Kristi

The roll-off for the biggest loser...Christi vs Allison

The Forth Worth girls take all the winnings!

The bunco group (with Kyndall and Avery)

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