Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sassy dress and polished toenails

Kyndall saw me painting my toenails today and of course wanted in on the action! So I strapped her in her highchair and painted them. Then I made her watch an episode of Elmo's world in her highchair so they could dry. She kept saying, "no touch toenails, Mommy" and I would say right! Then all day she has been pointing to her painted toenails and saying, "What dat Mommy, what dat?" It is her new thing, everything around us she points to it and says, "what dat Mommy what dat?" Very cute but a little too much all day long!!! She is also showing off her new dress she got for her cute:)
Kyndall struttin' around in her sassy new birthday dress from Uncle Bill and Aunt Allison
Look at those cute toenails that match her sassy new dress

Mommy and Kyndall's matching toes.

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Anonymous said...

very sweet! love it! did same with my daughters when they were younger! Now they do it themselves!