Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bipers, pack-packs....otay

Kyndall is so funny these days! She is expanding her vocabulary quite a bit...but it takes being around her for a couple of hours before you can really understand what she is saying! I don't have a pic of it...but she found a bug on the floor and came running up to me saying, "Biper mommy biper!!" which means spider, which was actually a june bug! She has worn her "Pack-pack" around all day just like Diego and Dora, and everytime you answer her or tell her something, she likes to respond with a big "O-TAY" It is so funny! We went to the Dr. today and Kyndall is doing great! 28lbs, and 35 3/4 inches long. He said that her speech and vocabulary were above her developmental level which for a 2 year old is 25-50 words and saying them in 2 word phrases. She can almost say complete sentences...very exciting.. What was funny about him saying that was that I had to translate practically everything she said to him:) .....now the next challenge.....POTTY TRAINING!!! She has shown some interest, but when she asked to go on the potty, she got up and peed on the floor in her playhouse...so needless to say, that is where the potty is now, I guess she likes her own private space to potty! I will post more tomorrow as it is her 2nd birthday (sniff, sniff) she is such a big girl now!!!
Me: Kyndall can you put your shoes on please?
Kyndall: Otay Mommy!
She is growing up so fast...here she is putting on her own shoes!!
Kyndall carrying her "pack-pack" This is also a good pic of her new haircut!!

Avery's new shoes I made her...I am a sewing fanatic right now....next up matching pillowcase dresses for the girls:)

Cute pic of Avery

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