Thursday, July 12, 2012

8 Months Old

I am a couple weeks late with this post, but guess who is 8 months old?  That is 2/3 a year old....ugh...time flies.  As hard as it is to experience time flying by so quickly, it is SO MUCH fun to watch Emery grow and change....
Some crazy things happened at 8 months:
* We are weaning her off of breastfeeding and found out she is allergic to milk based formula (horrible spots all over her sweet little body:(
*She likes rice cereal, peas, sweet potatoes and applesauce....not bananas
* She started officially crawling (see video below) right after turning 8 months 
*She has now discovered the stairs and is starting to pull herself up to her knees.
* She loves crawling after Mae, ADORES her sisters, and everytime she sees me she gets all excited and waves her little hands excitedly...then cries if I don't get her
*  She loves hanging out with her daddy  
*  She is picky who holds her...but she won't cry if it is family (mostly)

We all feel so blessed to have this sweet baby in our family!  What a fun group of girls we get to raise!!!

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