Monday, August 27, 2012

First Grader: Kyndall Kelly

I love my sweet big girl first grader...and just wanted her day to start out I decorated our dining table with a centerpiece and special plates for a special family breakfast:
 Her special request was waffles, and we all ate breakfast together and prayed for Kyndall to have an amazing day!
We put together a 1st day of First grade survival kit full of her teacher's favorite things, and a couple things Kyndall made (key chain and card)...and we packed our sweet 6 year old up to go:
We did the famous picture at the front door....

 Then, she and I headed off for school!  Jim stayed home with the 2 little ones so I could walk her into class and take a pic at her desk....
 Look at her take off!!! VERY opposite of last year where she was slow, steady and kind of sad...
This year, ALL SMILES!!!

I love this girl so much...Avery and I felt like it was a SUPER looooonnnngggg very slow day until she came home!!  She said that she had a great day and can't wait until tomorrow!!  Yay!!!

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