Friday, September 21, 2012

A is for Avery

Wow, Time has flown by!  Guess who else started school already?  In fact, she has gone 2 weeks!

She LOVES preschool, but has NO ONE from her class last year so has been learning to make all new friends.  She is a pretty social little girl, so far she talks about Colton and Audrey.

It was really fun to start her day off with a family breakfast like Kyndall had.  I must admit that I had forgotten to set it up the night before and was scrambling that morning to get her special table decorations ready for when she came downstairs (she likes surprises like that!)
One day this past week (her 2nd week of school) it even rained!  Oh boy was Avery excited...she grabbed her rain boots and splashed and splashed outside of school!!
She is such a happy free spirited little one....the world must be made of sparkles and rainbows...because fun defines Avery in every situation....

She cracks us all up....but her most favorite member of the family to make smile/laugh is her baby sister...and Emery sure does love her some Avery!!!

So now, 3 days a week it is just Emery and me...she naps, I clean and we drive all over picking up our big girls!

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Lyric said...

Hey Kelly! Your blog is super cute! I added you to my blog roll! See you on Tuesday!