Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap

I know I am WAY behind on posts...but 3 kids keeps me pretty busy!!  So here is an update...first we had Avery's Thanksgiving Feast and Program:

Luckily Avery is right there on the front edge, so we could see her really well!!!
 And how sweet is this???
 We were so proud!!
 Bits and Gram came...
 And so did Grammie and PoPo...we are so blessed to have them here now so they can come to these fun activities with the girls:)

Then it was Kyndall's turn to show off a Kindergarten Feast and Show:

Sorry about the blurry pic....but super cute anyway:)
 Kyndall and her super sweet teacher Miss Carboni....she LOVES her:)
 Family pic...see Em peeking out from the stroller:
 And everyone came to Kyndall's Feast too!!!

Finally, we got just a few pics from the famous Kelly Thanksgiving.  We love visiting with this big bunch!  Here are some highlights:
All the cousins minus Emery...who was sleeping!
 Alex and Aunt Allison holding Emery:
 Grandpa with Emery!!!

Oh, and some other big news.....our Mazda Tribute that we purchased after Avery was born just didn't quite fit all 3 girls with their car seats we bought a new car!!  Yep, that's right...we got a Black GMC Acadia.  We LOVE it.  First of all, Avery can buckle herself up, she and Kyndall LOVE riding together in the very back (and can be kind of loud without driving me nuts), and Emery can be in her own seat (middle row has bucket seats instead of a bench seat) and not have her 2 sisters kissing/touching/messing with her during the ride from place to place!!

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