Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's a Holly Jolly Kelly Christmas!

Well, we had another super fun time celebrating Christmas with Jim's side of the family a little early!  It was fun to see everyone, eat DELICIOUS food, and exchange some gifts.    Here are some pics I got from Grandpa of the evening!

Allison and Sue talking to Emery and Jim hanging with Allie!
 Here, Paul is watching as I am about to try an olive stuffed with garlic...it was interesting!  Check out the sassy scarf my friend Jenny Garland made me for Christmas!!!
 I drew Bill's name for the adult gift exchange and got him a personalized beer holster (check out his leg) so he could party hands free with his friends!
 Here are all the cousins with Grandpa....how cute!! 
 I made each niece/nephew a personalized ornament with a giftcard tucked in a special pocket I made on the back!

 Emery loved hanging out with Uncle Bill.  He is finally engaged to Allison!!  Woo Hoo!! 
What a fun time we had!  The girls got ALOT of fun toys and clothes...and Kyndall's big gift was a fish tank from Grandpa!!  So be on the look out for a post showing Kyndall's first ever pet that is her responsibility!  She even got to spend the next day getting all the things she needed for the tank and it all set up with her Grandpa...which was like a whole other gift to her getting to spend the day with him!!!

Oh, and Emery had a pretty fun 1st Kelly Christmas too!  Check out that lil' grin!!!

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Johanson Family said...

How sweet!! Christmas early!! I am so behind!! AGH!! Ya'll look so happy!! What a warm and sweet family post!!