Monday, October 17, 2011

HHS is the Best!! Let's Go....Coyotes

On Monday,October 10th, we had Kyndall's first ever Parent/Teacher Conference.  I won't lie, it is a little weird being the "mom" in the conference instead of the teacher.  A lot more fun, though to hear how your child is doing socially and academically.  Kyndall doesn't quite know all her letter sounds yet, but she does great quality work, listens really well, has met some fun new friends, and is GREAT at patterns and numbers.  On that day, they didn't have any school, so I signed her up for "Coyote Pup Cheer Clinic" with the Heritage Highschool Cheerleaders.  The best part was Kate, her little bestie signed up too!  So later that week, at the JV football game the girls got to wear their cheer shirts and do some pre-game cheers and halftime are some pics we got:
The little sister besties came along to root for their big sisters: 
Their attention span was pretty short: 
I don't know if you can see Kyndall, but she is on the front row smack in the middle:

They had a blast!  Thanks Heritage HS for putting this together...the girls LOVED it!!!


Jenny Garland said...

LOVE it!!! So thankful for you guys :)

Johanson Family said...

That is so sweet!! Glad to hear she is doing so well!! :)