Friday, November 12, 2010


Yesterday was quite a day....
First, we dropped Kyndall off at Preschool in her PJ's, slippers, and spirit shirt. It was wear your PJ bottoms day...too fun:) I made Kyndall's bottoms out of that super soft minky fabric you make baby blankets out of...she changed out of them as soon as she got home!!Then I took Avery and we met up with my friends Jenny, Mariah, and Melinda at the park to play and feed the ducks. It was so fun until some little stinker of a boy came straight up to Avery and spit a big 'ole loogie on her! Can you believe it?? And she actually was minding her own business playing with Sara Paige at the time. Boys are rotten sometimes. The boy's Daddy got him, but you know, he didn't ever even say he was sorry....gross, just gross!!

Then I needed to make my friend 2 diaper bags for baby gifts. So I set up a "design wall" by pinning fleece fabric on the wall and cutting out shapes from different fabrics for her to put up on there. Quilters use these to lay their pieces of fabric on to plan out their quilts before sewing them. I think maybe Avery might be a quilter someday, this kept her pretty busy while I cut, ironed and sewed my bags!
Here she is ironing her fabrics to put on the design wall:
Here are the 2 monogrammed custom diaper bags I made! Whew...we had a busy, busy Thursday and Friday:)

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Snuzi said...

Ok...first of all...did you spit on that nasty little boy for spitting on your little angel? And eye for an eye, right?
And second, CUTE bags! You are so talented!