Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday = Family Movie Day

We decided after our super fun Thanksgiving that we would take our girls to the early bird showing of:


on Black Friday.

We got a HUGE bucket of Popcorn, a HUGE drink to share, and sat back to watch the show:

Avery ate WAY too much popcorn and got a belly ache....but still had a great time and sat through the movie really well

Kyndall was absolutely fascinated....she watched the whole movie like this:

(except for the couple of times when it got exciting and she stood up)

As the picture below shows, it was so FUNNY. We loved it...even Jim. It was quick-witted, innocent, heartfelt, and one of Disney's better Princess movies.

I LOVE Disney movies, but sometimes they can be a bit scary; wicked queens, voodoo in Princess and the Frog, and witches etc....

This movie was a total feel good movie. It kept your attention the entire movie, showed love, sacrificing your own wants and needs for someone else, and it portrayed innocence and hope. I would 100% recommend it! I even think the boys would like it...it has an ornory horse, a funny and mischievous unlikely hero, and there is a mean old lady, but she isn't too scary:)

After the show, Kyndall kept asking me why some old ladies are mean!! I told her it was just that one;)

Go see it!! You won't regret it!!!

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Snuzi said...

I think I say it every time I post...but you have the CUTEST girls in the world! Precious! And what a fun family day. Can't wait to see that movie now.