Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fire Station #1

Our MOPS group (Mother's of Preschoolers) went to Fire Station #1 in McKinney for a little tour...pretty fun! Check out some of the pics!!
A few of the Fire Fighters came down the poles for us before the tour....it was pretty cool

All the kids from our MOPS group that were brave enough to get their pic taken with the Fireman....notice Avery wouldn't let me put her down!! She was on my hip the whole time til the end!!

The FireFighter dressed up in front of the kiddos so they could see that even though they LOOK scary the firefighters are nice and can help them if they are in trouble. I was glad they did that...they really tried to help the kids understand that if they see a Fire Fighter NOT to run away and be scared.
Kyndall and her good friend Anika Climbing on the back of the Fire Truck....These girls are sweet, sweet friends!!
The girls wearing their new fire helmets!

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