Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Valentines....and Mother's Day

It was such a wonderful Mother's day today! I got donuts in the morning, with Starbuck's coffee, we took flowers to Barb's gravesite, lunch was my choice (Taco Cabana because we were pushing it with the girls' naptimes, it was a grab-n-go type situation), and dinner at La Madeline! I made the girls some ruffle pants and embelished some shirts to go with them and they wore them for me today!! The girls gave me a sweet card (which Kyndall signed in her own version of her name) and a whole sample package of teas and coffees from the Coffee Beanery. I also got a clear teapot because some of my tea was the flowering kind. That is where it starts out as a little ball of dried up looking grass and when you put it in the teapot of hot water it opens up into a pretty flower and great tasting tea. So we made a pot and cleaned out Kyndall's tea set and all had a family tea party in our pjs before bedtime! This was the most fun Mother's day yet:) I especially enjoyed Kyndall telling me Happy Valentine's Day over and over again all day (instead of Happy mother's day)....could 2 year olds be any cuter? I think not.... Oh and she also wants to know when "Big girl's Day" is...anyone know? Maybe I'll just tell her what my parents told me, "Everyday is Big girl's day". Happy Mother's day to all my friends who are mothers and especially to my sweet Mom, Grammie Lawrence, and Grammy Garth! You all have been the most loving Christian influences in my life and I am so blessed that you have taught me everything I know....Love you
The girls peeking out the window cute:) This is the back of the outfits that I made them:

This morning we took some flowers to Barb's grave (Jim's mom) we lost her last May 14th and it was Jim's first Mother's Day without her. We love her forever....and miss her everyday
My loot: Jim is holding my array of different tea bags, to the left is a basket full of different coffees, and in front is a new clear teapot holding one of my 12 new flowering teas. I came home from the Lavendar Tea Room with Grammie one time and told him how cool the flowering tea they had was, and he sweet is that??
Pretty cool huh!! This is the "flowering" tea inside the clear teapot I got! Now ready for a toddler size tea party!!

Thanks Uncle Jerry and Aunt Gay for the silver sippy cup you gave the girls! It was perfect for Avery to drink her tea from...
Mother's Day was am I ever going to make Father's day as fun or special???


Allison said...

so sweet!!!! Happy Mother's day (late)... miss you!!

Jenny said...

Kristi, this was such a sweet post! :) I love that tea pot - I've never had "flowering tea" but I'm super interested now. I love that Kyndall kept wishing you Happy Valentine's Day - so sweet. The girls' outfits look SOO stinking precious!! Isn't that fabric the cutest? I love how you reversed the fabrics.

Kellys said...

Thanks Al! Miss you too:) need that pattern to make some ruffle pants for Kate to go with her Olivia shirt!!