Monday, May 18, 2009

Ballet is for Big Girls

I have been waiting to make this announcement until I knew for sure she was completely trained, but Kyndall is officially potty trained!! Yay!! This is how it happened: One day Kyndall watched the show Olivia (a little girl pig who took ballet) and decided she wanted to take ballet. I told her that only big girls who wear panties can take ballet. My friend Michelle's daughter, Olivia, takes ballet (what a coincidence huh, only she is a beautiful little girl, not a pig!!) and was having bring a friend day. So Jim and I told Kyndall she could go if she was wearing panties and going in the "big girl potty". Jim really worked with her one day, and after that she really wanted to be potty trained. It took about a week and a half to get over "accidents", but now she is completely in panties (except at night) and goes on her own when she is at home...what a blessing!!!
So I took her to ballet today and she LOVED it. She did exactly what the teacher asked her to do, she listened, and smiled this gorgeous, beautiful, sweet smile the entire time! When we left she began to cry because she wanted to stay!! The teacher was super sweet and Olivia (Kyndall's friend who brought her) held Kyndall's hand and helped her when she didn't quite know what to do. Thanks Michelle and Olivia for providing such a wonderful day for my sweet big girl!! I guess Ballet classes are in our near future!!

A few little poses with her sweet friend Olivia!

Action Shot!

Sitting and waiting quietly for class to end!

Little girls just run around trying to get into other Mommy's purses!


Buckeyes 76 said...

yea! How fun!! What studio did you go to?

Allison said...

omg... i love her so much :) she is precious... coffee soon!!

Kellys said...

Jody- Studio Dance Centre in Frisco..the teacher was sooo great!

Al- definitely coffee soon:)

Jenny said...

YAY Kyndall!!!! :) She looks soo happy. What a precious ballerina you have.