Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some new Pictures

We went to Grandpa's house for the Super Bowl this past weekend (Kyndall wore a red shirt for her Daddy's Cardinals). We had a great time...Grandpa raced Kyndall on their "cars" then Avery and Daddy raced Kyndall. I got some pics, but messed up the one of Grandpa racing Kyndall....there are also some pics of the girls playing together. I must admit that the girls are just really fun. I mean so fun. They play together, and keep me laughing all day long. They are so sweet to each other and Kyndall is such a super big sis. Avery is becoming a super dare-devil. She climbs up on anything she possibly can and loves to try and talk to us. What a blessing that I get to spend all day enjoying my sweet girls...enjoy the pics!
Kyndall and Avery with Uncle Bill
Kyndall telling us to be quiet Grandpa is "night night"

Pep talk before the race from Grampa and Uncle Bill

Kyndall on the move

Daddy and Avery

The Race!

How sweet are my babies?!

Hi Mom!

Avery standing up on her own

Little Dare-devil

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Allison said...

I love the pic of the girls at the desk saying hi to you!

They are so precious and growing so fast! I need to get together with you soon so I can bring Avery her present!

Love y'all