Friday, February 13, 2009

Avery is 1!

Birthday hug from Popo

Avery has turned one!! I can't believe it. She had been such a joy to our lives for the last year. We have had so much fun watching her grow and learn....and we can't wait to watch her this next year! The previous pictures are of the day she actually turned 1. Popo and Grammie came to visit that day, and we had so much fun celebrating her real birthday. Avery is a laid-back sweet tempered little baby. She loves her sister so much and just follows her around! She loves to give hugs and cuddles. She is even enjoying blowing and giving kisses now!! She can say "mama, dada, n-n-n-n-n0 while shaking her head back and forth(she has been known to do this to Kyndall when she tries to take her drink!), she can put things in and out of buckets,puts the phone to her ear and says,"hewo", she can cruise on about anything and loves to push walkers and almost try to take a few steps, she can climb all the way up the stairs, climb in (yes in) and on her toy bench, climb in little chairs, on Kyndall's bed and pretty much anywhere she can hike her knee up to!, wave, clap, she has her front 4 teeth(2top,2bottom) and she is getting her top and bottom eye teeth. She is a complete blessing to our family. She adds such a fun and funny personality and enjoys completely everything she does. She loves pasta pick-ups, mandarin oranges, water, welch's fruit snacks, peas, and pastas. She HATES milk...spits it out if she drinks it. Enjoy the pictures of our birthday celebration for her. Our camera card started to run out so we had to slow down on the picture taking and missed pics with all of our guests...but we were so thankful that they all could attend. Avery got some adorable clothes, a tent, spinning top, pink push car, big dome car, money to go to wiggly play place and clothes, pink bunny, and a doll stroller that helps support her so she can practice walking!! We just adore our little 1 year old and hope you enjoy some of the fun pics we got of her party!

Sweet 1 year old Avery waiting on her birthday party guests to arrive!

Avery's first birthday cake my friend Anna made...

Avery starting in on her "smash cake"

Kyndall having fun at Avery's party:)

I love to do this pic....4 generations

Our Family!!

Avery with Kyndall and her cousins at the party

Ben, jack and Avery contemplating which gift to open next!

Avery and Jack opening her Spinning Top from Grampa Kelly!! She loves it!

Avery playing in her new frog tent from Uncle Marc, Aunt Sue, Joe, Dani, Alex and Jack

Riding in her new car!

Saying goodbye to Grammie on Sunday morning before Church

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Laura-Marie said...

Love the last outfit Ha ha, it looks really familiar! Happy First Birthday Avery!