Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend with Bits and Bin

Gram and Gramps Garth came to visit this weekend...and Kyndall has named them Bits (Gramps) and Bin (Gram). So when you see pics and they say Bits and Bin on them'll know what I am talking about. We had such a great time visiting...and we even went to church with them...which was Avery's first time! She did tears at all. Kyndall did really well until some other Mommies beat me to the classroom and started picking up their kids. She pretty much lost it until they handed her to me. She apparently learned how to clean up at Sunday School, because she came home and cleaned up the entire living room full of toys! Wow...that was nice:) We are definitely going back to that church!!! We visited Stonebriar in Frisco. Chuck Swindol is the Pastor, and he was great! It is a lot closer to us than Prestonwood, so we maybe looking at a change in churches in our near future. Hope you enjoy a few of the fun moments we captured this weekend....One pic of Avery is a milestone: Sitting up on her own!!!
Kyndall and Avery playing together...Kyndall is "videoing" Avery with her Dora video camera..."say cheese baby Avery"
Look at Avery sitting up all by herself at 5 months old! She is in her cute outfit from Bits and Bin

Yea! I love my new sunglasses and outfit Bits and Bin gave me:)

Gram and Gramps with the girls

Gramps hanging out with Avery...isn't she cool in Kyndall's sunglasses!

Gram fishing with Kyndall and Avery

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