Monday, July 7, 2008

First night in her Big Girl Bed!

Huge milestone everyone!!!! We have had a big girl bed ready for Kyndall to start sleeping in for months now. She wouldn't get in it except to play. So we kept her in the crib. Well, our sweet Avery is growing out of her cradle, so she needs the crib. While we were in Lubbock, Kyndall napped great all by herself in a grown up bed, so yesterday we took the crib out of her room and made sure her room was extra "kyndall proof" so if she got up in the night she would be safe. It was a success! We read a couple of books, then a story from her bible, prayed, then read another book and then.....she did it! What a brave girl. Notice the 3 pacifiers in her bed with her and in the morning shot there is a book in her bed too:) and of course baby jaguar (her stuffed animal). It was a great night, and she slept very well! Yea Kyndall!!
Laying down to go to sleep in her big girl bed for the first night!
Kyndall in the morning!

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