Thursday, April 10, 2008

Big Girl Bed

Kyndall is getting ready to move into a "big girl bed" soon. So I had a really hard time trying to find a little comforter for her. Luckily I have a great friend, Kate, who does decorating for a living. She helped me find some really nice material and she made the comforter, and I made the pillows and the Valance (after she taught me how). She is a wonderful seamstress and can really make some nice accessories for people. I can't wait until Kyndall is ready for her new bed!


Allison said...

Oh my goodness! IT IS SO CUTE!!!! You did such a good job!!!!

Angela said...

Beautiful! Good luck with the big girl bed. I highly recommend a threatening Pack 'n' Play in the room, just in case. :)