Sunday, February 10, 2008

My sweet girls

It has been a lot of fun bringing Avery home. I was afraid that Kyndall would have a hard time adjusting to Avery, but it is just the opposite. She gets very excited to see her and runs straight over to her and says, "hi, hi" and then kisses her. I do have to watch her around Avery because she is a rough hugger sometimes, but she means well. It has become a new bribing method to have Avery. If Kyndall doesn't want to come inside from a walk, or get out of the bath tub we just say, "If you come in (get out) you can see baby sister Avery" and she will immediately get a huge smile and do what we ask. Pretty fun times! Here are some pictures of Kyndall and Avery quality time I captured on camera.

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