Sunday, May 27, 2012

March-May in Review

I have been neglecting the blog...for ALMOST 3 months what!!??  Sorry is a quick review of the happenings in the Jim Kelly family over March, April and May:

Let's begin with our oldest!  Kyndall had Open she is showing me all of her work!It was really fun to see her first Elementary school Open House.  

Then, it was Avery's turn to have her first open house for Pre School!  She was pretty proud too:)
We took the big girls to Disney Princesses on Ice...we all loved it!
Then we got to celebrate Easter with all of my family (since they live here now) and here is a picture of the girls at the Easter egg hunt at Heritage Ranch where my parents and grandparents live!  We had a blast!  We also went to church on Sunday and celebrated the real reason for Easter.  The girls know that we are remembering how Jesus died for our sins and rose again so we can be saved from OUR sins and go to Heaven one day.

A few of my friends and I went to a Bread Company and took all our littles on a was so fun!  Avery was listening to the story of The Little Red Hen.....

While Emery hung out with the other babies!! was Mother's Day Celebration at Avery's School....

Now for our youngest little love....she has turned 5months, 6months and 7 MONTHS since my last post...ugh.  We all love this little joy!  Here are some of her stats:
She rolled over at 5 months:

She tried real food at 6 months...she likes baby oatmeal and apples...not much else yet!

She started sitting up all by herself at 6 months too!

* She also has a sweet little bottom tooth, but I can't seem to get a pic of it!!!*
* She is trying to wave goodbye and loves to grab at and pick up things...she also says, "ma ma ma ma"  which I translate to "mama"!!!  She just started babbling da da da da and ba ba ba ba too:)

I even took time to make her a few things....this little onesie dress and rattle taggy heart to play with!

Big News!!  Uncle Bill (Jim's Brother) is finally married to one of my favorite people in the universe!  The whole family went to the wedding and had a blast celebrating them!!  The big girls were flower girls...and Emery just had fun watching everything.  They had a photobooth at the reception and we had a little family fun in it!!

And finally, Emery turned 7 months!  I decided to buy a year membership to the Dallas Zoo when I took Avery on a playdate there a few weeks ago with her friends from Pre K.  So Jim and I took the girls yesterday (Saturday May 26th) and we celebrated as a family Emery turning 7 months!  Check out the fun we had:

Avery is already out of Pre K and starting her summer break!  Kyndall has 4 days left and then I will have all 3 of my sweet girls home with me for the summer!!  I am so excited to get to spend some quality time with all of them, and hopefully sleep in and relax a little!  We have some VBS weeks lined up, swimming lessons, and maybe an art camp or 2!  Hopefully I'll be better at updating the blog and keeping everyone informed!!!

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