Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A little Girly Outing

Who doesn't love American Girl Dolls.  I mean, you think, "that much for a doll?  That is obsurd"  Then you have your daughter fall in love with them and take her to the American Girl store and bistro and YOU fall in love with them too.  It is unreal how helpful, friendly, and beautiful it is in there.  They have anything and everything you could ever want for an 18 inch doll to enjoy.  Our house rule is fake $20 Target doll until 5th birthday and then you get the full experience and pick out your very own American Girl Doll.  So Kyndall has the real one, and Avery has the fake one.  Avery hadn't had the opportunity to eat at the bistro (Kyndall got to when she turned 4) so since Avery just turned 4 (what!!??) we decided to go.  Actually, we decided to go because of a little drama that happened after receiving the AG magazine.   See, Kyndall has been saving up her money in her piggy bank and when the catalog came in she went crazy with Avery marking "A" and "K" on each item that Avery or Kyndall wanted from there!  So she asked if she could go buy something.  I told her that she had to count her money and if she had enough I would take her that weekend.  So she brought in her piggy bank, sorted all her money out, and we counted it all.  Then, she and Jim worked together trading all the change for paper money until she had $31.  That was just enough for her to afford crutches, leg cast, arm cast, finger cast (yes finger cast), a cold pack and some stickers....all for her AG doll.  Avery had birthday money and wanted a kitty cat pet for her Target AG-ish doll.  I made a reservation for lunch and we took Grammie and headed to The Galleria Mall to the AG store.

They actually have pretty great food there...LOVE their Salmon, and also their beet and goat cheese salad.  Of course they have a kid friendly menu as well!
They had a fun craft for the girls afterward, Since the new dolls are from New Orleans, they had mardi gras masks to decorate for kids and dolls....
Check out poor, broken Star (Kyndall was so proud paying with her own money)....
And Avery got Praline the cat for he doll Cee Cee (the name changes all the time)
Avery even got in the picture-taking fun!  Glad she snapped this fun one of Grammie and me:)  Poor Kyndall was supposed to be in it too...see her to the left?!

Of course, Grammie got both of them some cute outfits for their dolls as well....those little dolls made out pretty well I must say:)

Emery stayed home with her Daddy and caught up on some much needed quality time with him, while Grammie and I really enjoyed our girly date with the big girls.  I highly recommend at least taking time to treat your little girl to lunch there one day.  They are treated like princesses and if you don't have an AG doll you can bring their favorite other doll or they even have some to "borrow" while eating there.  This is definitely a memory to last a lifetime!!!


Snuzi said...

So cute! What a fun day!

Johanson Family said...

Super cute girl! I can't wait to get to go there some day with my 2 girls... ahh... better start saving now~