Monday, August 22, 2011

Off to Kindergarten!

First, I would like to start out with the "after school" picture, because it makes me so happy that she looked like this when I picked her up versus
This when we were going to school this morning:
She was SO nervous.  She hardly ate anything:
Until I finally got her to request something...and when I made everything she asked for I got this:
Of course, you know who, was happy to eat her mega-breakfast this morning with her big sister: 
Then we packed her big-girl backpack with:

This is the outside of her new lunch kit that fits inside her lunch was plain so I jazzed it up with some paint pens:
Then we filled it with (left) pretzels and rolled up cheese and turkey bites that I put on a swizzle stick.On the right side we had an egg, grapes, and a trailmix dessert of marshmallows and chocolate chips.  She requested all but the grapes, and ate all but the grapes:)

Then we added her snack for snacktime...I totally saw this on Pinterest and HAD to make it for her first day of school snack:

It was a little snack baggie of goldfish, marshmallows and craisons.  I had Kyndall make her own "butterfly" out of the clothespin and we clipped it fancy like this!

After that the whole family walked to school!
Even Daddy came with us....have I mentioned what a wonderful, amazing Dad Jim is on here yet, well he is and we are so blessed!!! 
This was us dropping K off at her classroom door:

Then she found her seat and started working right away:

She is so precious!!  Check out how hers turned out when she got home:

Here is the other paper she came home with...a self portrait of her on her first day of Kindergarten:

How cute that she got her purple shirt and her denim blue skirt right!!  She gave herself quite a hair cut though:)  The rainbow lines are where the kids sat at group time...she said that she sat on the yellow line.

After dropping her off, Avery and I went to the library to eat breakfast with the other Kindergarten was called the "boohoo, yahoo breakfast".  I even met a few new friends!  One lady has a little girl in Kyndall's class, so that was nice.  Then for the rest of the day I checked the clock every 10 minutes and left at 2:30 to drive up the street to the school to pick Kyndall gets out at Avery and I waited in the car for 20 minutes before Kyndall was released:)  What can I say, I was SO ANXIOUS just to see her face!  I didn't really get emotional until I was sitting there waiting, just wanting to see her smile and come out happy and okay.

So, you know I was happy when she came to the car with a HUGE smile on her face ready to tell me about her day!  You better believe Avery was happy to see her too:)  I was so glad she had a great day that I made her re-pose in front of the door and took a pic since she was so happy!!

Success!!  Here is the interview I gave her after school:
What School do you go to?  Mooneyham Elementary
What grade are you in?  1st grade, no Kindergarten
Who is your teacher?  Carboni, or Boney-car, no it's Carboni
How old is your teacher? 7?
Who are some of the new friends you met? Kate, Olivia-a different Olivia that the one who I went to her birthday, and Josie
What did you learn about today?  I learned about being nice and kind
What do you think you will learn about tomorrow? About Jesus (melt a Mom's heart...I wish you were learning about Jesus there:)
What was the BEST part of your day?  Learning on the computer
What was the WORST part of your day?  Playing on the Playground because I didn't really want to play on the playground.  They didn't even have any swings.
Do you want to go back tomorrow? YES!!!

And, she wants to "buy her lunch" tomorrow.  She is so sweet, she said, "Oh, I really like your lunch Mommy, but I think I want to try the line tomorrow".  So I put some money in her account and can't wait to see what she wants to do on Wednesday!  It was a bittersweet day today, but I am so thankful the Lord put her in Miss Carboni's class and she LOVES school (so far) and LOVES Miss Carboni!! 


Jenny Garland said...

Sweet Kyndall!! I love the after picture and her self portrait :) :)

bp said...

Okay, so I'm tearin' up! What a precious family!

Kristi Kelly said...

Thanks friends!! BP you are so sweet:)

Natalie said...

How sweet! I must say I had tears in my eyes. My favorite part was all her answers. Hope you are well.

Jody said...

she is SOOOO SWEET! you are too!! i just don't even know how i will handle violet going to K in 2 years... hopefully just like yall :)

Johanson Family said...

Love this post!!! Can't wait to see this printed out in a blog book for her to look back and remember this day!! maybe she had her hair in a pony tail in her self picture? She did good though.. looks like Momma made it through the day too!! whoo hoo! Success!!